Why Most USB thumb drive Fail

People trust a USB thumb drive to save their information. They use this drive to take documents they work were on to save their files. There are times when these thumb drivers do not work and the files are not saved. We spoke to the Charlotte Data Recovery Company for some advice and failure description. These are some reasons why most UBS thumb drives do not work.

Are Not Durable

UBS thumb drives are small in size. This makes them easy to lose. They get lose in work bags and can easily be misplaced. These drives are also flimsy. They are easier to break on accident and a person will lose all of the data they have saved.

Can be corrupted

When the drives are just taken out of the computer and they are not unmounted properly the data can get corrupted. Without thinking many people just pull the thumb drive out of the computer instead of clicking on it and hitting remove. If a person forgets this simple step they can have corrupted data.

Low Read Write Speed

If a person edits and saves their work often writing this document directly in the UBS thumb drive can slow things down. If a person is working with a large file or if they are working with images they can also slow things down.

Does Not Work with Cloud Storage

The thumb drive will not automatically work in other locations including cloud storage. The data will not easily transfer to the storage that is based on the net. This can be a problem if a person works on several different devices. If a person is looking to use net storage then they do not have to use the thumb drive as they will be able to access the information in their storage account.

UBS is not Recognized

This is a common problem that many people face. They go to plug their thumb drive into a UBS port on a computer and it is not recognized by that device. This can mean there is an issue with the UBS port or they can be an issue with the thumb drive if the UBS plug in has become damaged. The drive may have been corrupted as well. Either way a person will not be able to get their files that have been saved on the drive.

Computer Cannot Read the File

If the UBS thumb drive was damaged in even the slightest way the computer may fail to read it. A popup will not appear on the screen but not activity will occur. This is a sign that the drive has become corrupted or damaged. Once again a person will not be able to get their files that have been saved on the drive.

These are some of the common reasons why the UBS thumb drives fail. The thumb drives are very small making them easy to lose and they are easy to accidently break. These drives can be useful but with all of the other technology available a person can find more secure file storage than a thumb drive.

Author: Mike Jones